Commercial Landscaping & Property Maintenance 

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Property Maintenance at its Finest

If you own or manage a commercial property then you already know the value of maintaining a good appearance. You know it’s hard work and needs to be attended to regularly.  We specialize in working directly with commercial property managers and building owners to develop a custom tailored lawn and landscape maintenance program to keep your property looking its best!

Commercial Property Maintenance

What’s most important to us is being reliable and punctual.  We offer more than just these services, we’ll apply different techniques to get your property looking stunning.

Turf Maintenance

Service Info
  • Cutting | Trimming | Edging
  • Overseeding
  • Core aerating
  • Dethatching
  • Fertilizers
  • Preventive maintenance

Seasonal Clean-ups

Service Info
  • Spring
    • Clearing away leaves, branches and debris
    • Cleaning and re-edging planting beds
    • Pruning & trimming shrubs/hedges 
    • Redefining borders of the lawn
    • Seeding damaged areas
    • Parking lot cleaning
  • Fall
    • Raking and disposal of leaves & debris
    • Pruning & trimming shrubs/hedges
    • Final grass cutting & trimming
    • Winterization of trees, plants & planting beds

Mulch Installation

Service Info
  • Wood chips
  • Tree rings
  • Organic cedar & pine mulch
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Red

Bed Maintenance

Service Info
  • Planting bed cleaning
  • Edge definition
  • Flower care & shrub pruning
  • Soil cultivation
  • Planting bed fertilizers

Parking Lot Maintenance

Service Info
  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Walkway & pathway sweeping
  • Pressure washing

Emergency Services Available

Available on short notice.

Regular Scheduling

Scheduled appointments to visit your property on the same day of the week.


Fully Insured

We have commercial liability insurance.

Commercial Sod & Additional Services

Before any sod application we assess the health and condition of your soil. We then add the required elements and nutrients to prepare the lawn. These are important steps in ensuring new sod can thrive in it’s place.

Soil Health Examination & Correction

Service Info
  • Offering laboratory soil tests
  • Tests for soil pH, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, total salts & organic matter
  • Natural & organic fertilizers and compost
  • Soil correction applicants (lime, phosphorus, compost)

Sod Installation

Service Info
  • Locally sourced kentucky bluegrass sod
  • Custom fit to the dimensions of the lawn

Lawn Restoration

Service Info
  • Aeration
  • Lawn levelling 
  • Addition of triple mix soil
  • Custom seed mix with compost and starter fertilizer

Loose Materials

Service Info
  • Screened topsoil
  • Sand
  • Triple mix soil
  • Sized gravel
  • Pea stone
  • Stone dust
  • River rock
  • Delivery available for all products

Tree & Shrub Services

Service Info
  • Installation
  • Fertilizers
  • Removal
  • Pruning

Serving Area

Grey & Bruce County

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